Seafood Capital:Captivating Capiz

History of “captivating Capiz“, Philippines, is very rich like its people. It is an island, also rich in Capiz crafts and captivating places to visit. Capiz island became very popular for their Capiz lamps, parol, lighting, chandelier in some parts of the world. Captivating people with its Capiz shells, abalone jewelry, dried fish and Pany beaches in Roxas City is far from what we’ve come to know has lots of hidden captivating treasures in its embracing land. What is popular to us with hearsay and folktales of ghosts. aswang and monsters of the night, little by little is being replaced with what Capiz really has to offer to the Filipinos and the people of the world. Capiz island is known for many centuries now as the Seafood Capital of the Philippines and is still what it is when we are talking about seafood. There are also many popular places that most people don’t know about Capiz yet like Dumalag, Dumarao, Ivisan, mambusao and many other great places in the island that we should explore. They all had rich festivities, each unique to its own characteristics that are definitely worth the try.

About Roxas City, Capiz

Different restaurants and businesses that cater to food and beverage knows what Capiz is all about and this does not simply stop where it is right now because of the hidden treasures of the precious land of captivating Capiz province that can be found in the Philippines Visayan region, particularly in Roxas City. This is the same reason why this short post is looking to help promote Capiz as one of the most beautiful pillars of tourist eco-tourism. I also want and people to know that there is more to the Capiznon than just some folktale of aswang, monsters and ghosts. I wanted to erase all doubts and have them replaced with how captivating Capiz island in the Philippines really is inside and out of the Roxas City town proper. Apart from this beauty and elegance of the island, the Cap[iz furniture is also starting to gain international prestige, proof to the indigenous talent of the local Capiznons. Enjoy this post as I take to you to the many wonders of Capiz, Roxas City in Panay Philippines.

The Capiz Bulad (dried fish)

Bulad is what the local Capiznons call what we generically know as dried fish and it is the local province’s pride because of the label of being the seafood capital of thePhilippines. There are several varieties of dried fishes that can be found in Capiz that makes it a captivating land for the middleman sellers of dried fish in Metro Manila. Middle sellers of dried fish earn a living simply by importing these types of merchandise to Metro Manila from Capiz and other neighboring islands of Panay. In Roxas City, however where a friend lives to this day, selling dried fish alone enabled her family to put up a small fishing boat where they get almost every living cost to pay everyday. Bulad is very well known in Manila because people recognize the variety to be the best of quality.

Capiz Shells for Ornament Making

Known as one of the most versatile and elegant decorating raw materials, the Capiz shells are very important part of the culture of the local Capiznon. It is bread and butter source for many locals who engage in developing all sorts of designs for use as ornamental decoration in houses. The Capiz shells when used as ornaments and decors turn simple living into elegant and cozy-looking environment. It is well known to be a good indoor as well as outdoor décor major raw material. The Capiz shell products are also very well recognized in the world market because Capiz is the only living paradise for the Capiz shells that can be found in their vast sea treasure chest.

Popular Capiz Shell Finished Products

Some popular Capiz shell chips decorating design include gift items, indoor decoration and outdoor decoration ornaments. “Captivating Capiz” chip-made products range from lanterns, lamp shades, window pane, chandeliers, curtains, picture panels and frames, Capiz shell balls, plates, decorative bowls, candle holders, tiles, flower vase, door hanging chime, soapdish, pendant, globelight, necklace decor, beads, bird cage, floor lamp holders, faux chandelier, gift boxes, collection item rack and many more. This alone is proof to the wonders of the captivating Capiz treasures. There are a lot more to put here but I am afraid of turning this blog into a wall of text if I did that.

The Guimaras Mango of Panay Island

Panay Island is the actual big archipelago that holds together provinces and small islets and this is called as the Panay Group of Islands. Capiz is part of it and this is what served as the bridge for Capiz to be well known all over the Philippines and in some parts of the world for one of the sweetest mango sometimes called as the honey mango or the Guimaras Mango. This is a variety of mango that is of export quality and really high grade when it comes to ripe mango fruit issues.

Capiz is Skim Boarding Capital of the Philippines

Apart from being the seafood capital of the Philippines, skim boarding is literally new to the local Filipinos but in Capiz, skim boarding captivates the interest of the Capizon for so many years unaccounted of for now. The very popular sport is widely recognized in their vast sea shores and beach sands of wide shallow water reserves. Skim boarding in Capiz is also a sport more than just some hobby or a time consuming outlet for both teen-agers and young adults. The said sport is also what the captivating Capiz province got known from various television reviews, shows and travel place feature appearances, hence enough to make Roxas City, Capiz as the skimboarding capital of the Philippines.

Hidden Precious Jewels in Abalone

Abalone is a local shell that can be found in the seas of captivating Capiz. It is a raw material for making jewelries that are earning worldwide recognition to only come from seas that are still rich in diverse marine resources. Capiz is one lucky location where these precious shells called as the mollusks or clam family that exhibit different colors.

Apart from all these wonders of “captivating Capiz” province in the Visayas in thePhilippines, there are also a lot of other great places to visit and unwind on a weekend for a short work rest and relaxation. Aside from all treasures mentioned here, Capiz also holds the record for cradling the biggest church bell in Asia that can be found in thePanay Church.


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