Large Water Lily with Pearl


Each lily pad and lotus flower is hand cut and connected using centuries old techniques. They are hand painted using Anzhal paint and electroplated with nickel to prevent rusting and to give the lily a luster look. Perfect for ponds or container water gardens, and great as a table center piece creating a relaxing ambiance. The lily can be hung as decorative art inside and outside (hook & hardware included). Patent pending.
Available in 6 colors:
– Mac Arthur Carmine (Red)
– Luzon Azure (Blue)
– Philippine Westeria (Violet)
– Boracay Rose (Pink)
– Manila Daffodil (Yellow)
– Capiz Linen (Natural)
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Additional information


Luzon Azure (Blue), Boracay Rose (Pink), MacArthur Carmine (Red), Philippine Westeria (Violet), Capiz Linen (Natural), Manila Daffodil (Yellow)


Approximate packaged weight listed.

Lily Pad Size

8 1/4" Diameter (17 Shells)

Flower Size

5 3/8" Diameter (31 Petals)